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Now you can add some standoffs to your tracks to give a bit more depth to the display. 1.5" standoffs standard. Available from 1" to 3" 

We suggest a minimum of 3 standoffs per track, 5 is ideal, especially over 36"


These standoffs are made from 14ga to 1/8" thick material, cut and formed in house and TIG welded to your track before finishing. They are designed for a maximum of 5/16" head on a drywall screw. Install the screw or nail in either a stud or your choice of wall anohor leaving enough of the head sticking out for the standoff to slide over and then drop down.


Available from 20 inch to 48 inch. Extra shipping  & handling charges for added packing and shipping charges due to the depth of the boxes.



  1. Choose your track from our North American Tracks or International and F1 Tracks (if your track is not listed, simply choose "Custom Track" and fill in the name of the track).
  2. Choose the quantity, size and finish from the above listings and add it to your cart.
  3. Navigate back to this listing and add the necessary standoffs to the track you ordered in step 1-2.



Race Track Wall Mount standoffs