4" Indy Road Course Track ornament to commemorate that trip to the SCCA National Championships. Powder Coated in all of your favorite holiday colors. Red, Green, White, Blue, Silver and Gold! Parts are cut from 14 gauge mild steel. (We can also leave them bare if you'd like to customize them yourself)


Choose "Custom Track" from the Tracks menu, add how many tracks you want and leave us a note which track(s). With over 600 tracks and configurations, we couldn't add all of the tracks that we have. Rest assured, we have it OR can draw it up especially for you.

2017 Indy Club Racing National Championships Holiday Ornaments

  • After determining the size of the track you would like (4 inch to 48 inch), choose your favorite track or "Custom Track" if you don't see your favorite. If you would like multiples of the same track, choose the number of copies you would like for each track and then ADD TO CART.

    If you want several different tracks, please add each individual track to the cart separately.

    We have a separate listings for current and past Formula One (F1) tracks as well as "Ghost" tracks that are gone but not forgotten. The F1 tracks are listed in order of races run. The more popular tracks are at the top of the list. "Ghost" Tracks are alphabetical. Again, if you do not see the track listed, choose "Custom Track" and write in the track you would like to order.


    Many tracks have alternate configurations. If you would like an alternative track layout, please let us know (ex. Road America w/the Bend, VIR Grand or Patrio