Did your team podium at a 2022 Season World Racing League endurance race? Exact duplicates of  the all new '22 designs 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies are available for all of your drivers and team members! Trophies are also available all the way back to the first season!


2022 update:
We do have a few on hand in between races, but for the most part, these are made when ordered. Expect 3-4 weeks turnaround time. Steel has hit historic prices as well as limited supplies. Acrylic supply is in high demand and turn-around times are up for Powder Coat as well due to overwhelming demand. PVC (the printed back plate) is now on the rise due to shortages.

Event trophies are currently taking priority over post race orders.

Updated 4-8-22

2022 World Racing League Trophies