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Did your team podium at a 2022 Season World Racing League endurance race? Exact duplicates of  the all new '22 designs 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies are available for all of your drivers and team members! Trophies are also available all the way back to the first season!


2022 update:
We do have a few of the original run 2022 backplates left in stock but inventory IS dwindling for certain races. Once inventory is depleted, we do have the ability to make a second run  BUT there may be a slight visual difference in the print of the Event Information  under the track. 

Expect 3-4 weeks minimum turnaround for past season awards.

Event trophies are currently taking priority over post race orders.

Inventory of the 2022 back plates is limited. If you need more copies than is indicated "in stock", please contact us through our online chat or by email.

Updated 1-25-23

2022 World Racing League Trophies

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