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Now our steel race track maps can be easily displayed on desks, entertainment centers, work benches, or even in the middle of the living room (check with the significant other first ;) )


We've added this option for a rectangular base to our tracks to allow our tracks to be free standing. Base can be customized at additional cost (track name, car silhouette) or add our custom sublimated tags to the order. Base and track will be the same color.


Available from 4 inch to 24 inch. Larger tracks available by custom order as shipping starts to get a bit pricey.



  1. Choose the quantity, size and powder coat finish from the choices in the drop down menu.
  2. Fill in the name/configuration of which track(s) you would like. With over 600 available, we simply cannot list them all.
  3. If you want a custom tag or decal added visit our custom sublimated tags page and add one to your order


Some courses have multiple configurations (Buttonwillow, Thunder Hill, Autobahn etc) If you want a specific configuration PLEASE let us know. 

Track Desktop Display

Powder Coat Color
  • After determining the size of the track you would like (4 inch to 48 inch), choose your favorite track or "Custom Track" if you don't see your favorite. If you would like multiples of the same track, choose the number of copies you would like for each track and then ADD TO CART.

    If you want several different tracks, please add each individual track to the cart separately.

    We have a separate listings for current and past Formula One (F1) tracks as well as "Ghost" tracks that are gone but not forgotten. The F1 tracks are listed in order of races run. The more popular tracks are at the top of the list. "Ghost" Tracks are alphabetical. Again, if you do not see the track listed, choose "Custom Track" and write in the track you would like to order.


    Many tracks have alternate configurations. If you would like an alternative track layout, please let us know (ex. Road America w/the Bend, VIR Grand or Patriot, Topeka Runoffs course, Buttwillows 48,000 combinations etc)


    All tracks are made to order. Any track is possible, so let us know your favorites and we can make them from 2" up to 48" wide.

    All tracks come in "raw" or unfinished mild steel and ready for finishing. Powder Coating, Clear coating, Painting/Patina is available at an extra charge and build time. Stainless Steel or Aluminum is also optional at extra costs (x2 for Aluminum, x5 for Stainless Steel). Contact us for special orders.

  • We have 3 different "Tiers" of sizes available.

    Tier 1 tracks are roughly 4-12" long and usually able to ship via USPS flat rate shipping.

    Tier 2 tracks are roughly 13-36" long and able to ship via USPS or FedEx

    Tier 3 tracks are the big ones! Roughly 37-48" long and require extra shipping/handling charges.

    Parts are made to order. Measurements are maximum sizes. Some slight size variations can occur due to track shapes.


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