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What is a "Stacked Track?" A 2 layer, powder coated display that will catch everyone's eye as soon as they walk into your shop! Available in 24", 36" and 48" Tracks are available in custom colors. Silver with Satin Black will be used unless custom colors are requested at checkout. They're a great way to display your favorite tracks in that room with a lot of wall space or when combined with other sizes, show which one is your favorite or home track. A great gift for that track nut that already has everything. Great wall art decor for the garage, tv/game room or office. All of our Stacked Tracks are cut from .125" thick steel and come with hangers installed due to their weight.

Choose "Custom Track" from the top of the Tracks menu, add how many tracks you want and leave us a note which track(s). With over 600 tracks and configurations, we couldn't add all of the tracks that we have. Rest assured, we have it OR can draw it up especially for you.

Stacked Tracks North American Tracks "A" thru "M" $170+